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About the description

Please note the following points

・Some flowers have a long flowering period, and the flowering time varies depending on the location, so the month allocation was decided appropriately.

・ Originally, they were pictures taken to consume the rest of the film.
Recent photos of garden plants were taken when I noticed flowers when I happened to be carrying a digital camera.
Therefore, it is not intended to be an ecological photograph of a plant or a work of art.

・The resolution of the photograph is reuceed for the screen display.

・ This page is not intended for botanical illustrations, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of plant names.
If you find a mistake in the name or a clear mistake in the timing, I would be very grateful if you pointed it out.

About content quoting and reprinting

・You are free to use and quote the contents of this site. However, if it exceeds the scope of personal use, please specify the citation source.

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About the domain name

"Katakago" is the Japanese old name of dogtooth violet (Erythronium japonicum).
I wanted to use a domain name that was named after a flower. But, It was difficult to get domain name in English, so it was written in Japanese.